Clopsy, the Carpet Cleaner

His way is best?  Do you doubt that?  Why would we ever doubt that the Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipotent, Creator God would know less than we do?  Put it that way, and none of us would ever doubt His ways; however, it’s when the rubber meets the road that our doubts fly!   For example…

I own another piece of junk. (Definition: things that are considered to be of no use or value, or of low quality.)  Most of my ‘junk’ was not junk when it was purchased; however, it’s value is almost gone because of all its years of service.

I’ve never named this machine, but if I did, she (notice how all my equipment is female!) would be called Clopsy, the Carpet Cleaner.  Clopsy is short for Cyclops.  She is black and has a big red indicator light front center.  Like most of my junk, Clopsy was given to me and has served me well.  She is a tired old thing.  The handle is broken; the handy piece that holds the manual tool tubing is broken; the fastener that holds the brush bar in place is broken but she still works.  She has a long globby scar beside her eye from a near fire we once had.  Every time I use Clopsy, I have to do some sort of maintenance on her; but, she works…until today.  Today the soap dispenser wouldn’t work and I couldn’t fix it.  It’s not very effective to wash a rug with no soap!  I had already done one room – she does this to me just to entice me!  So, of course, I cried my frustration out to God.  Wouldn’t it be His will for everything in my life to run smoothly?

What would you have done?  Do I have time to mess with this thing? No!  Any of you that know me, know that my house isn’t spotless.  (This is not the time for comments; however, I’ve been meaning to ask you to comment – I’d love to hear from you – just not about my housecleaning skills!! :))

So, I got out the Clorox Clean-up Spray, sprayed the carpet and used the machine to do the rest!  The results were better than the usual cleaning liquid!  What a minuscule way for the Lord to remind me that HIS WAY IS PERFECT!  If I can remember that for the little things, when the big things come along, Lord willing, I’ll be in practice to say, “Not my will, Lord, but Yours – because it is a perfect way!”

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