Master of the Wind

Master of the wind,

Ruler of the stars,

God of the universe

Who dwells within my heart!

How can it be, dear One,

Who spoke the worlds in place,

That You, Almighty Elohim,

Full of love and grace,

Would dwell among a people

So bent to live in sin;

Yea, more than dwell: You conquered death

And come to live within!

How could we think that with our hands,

Our lives could be made clean?

Can deeds of goodness, small or great,

Our sinful souls redeem?

What could I do to ever pay

The debt of sin I owe?

Sin’s stain runs deep and deeper still –

“Condemnation” stamped my soul.

But Jesus!  Oh, Sweet Jesus!

Before the mark of time,

You promised to redeem me

And make my story Thine.

You died; You rose; You offered –

I saw; I wept; I took;

And now, O Blessed Savior –

My name is in Your Book!

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