Lone Soldier

There he stands, facing the enemy.  His uniform is in tatters, his weapon is hot from use.  They’ve all left him – alone to face the enemy.  Maybe the battle was too fierce for them, or maybe they just got tired – whatever the cost, they are gone, and he stands alone.

This blog is dedicated to all you dear people who work IN the world.  Perhaps you are the only Christian at your workplace; or it may be that you have an unsaved spouse, or a spouse who isn’t ‘plugged in’ spiritually.  You are the lone soldier.

At times I feel like that. Some days, as I sub in our local schools, I wonder if anyone is listening or seeing these kids!

As a class of fourth graders come into the room, I hear two of them use God’s name in vain – FOURTH GRADE!  The new slang is OMG, “I meant it to mean Oh, my gosh,” one girl explains.  Have you looked up ‘gosh’ recently in the dictionary?  It is an exclamation of mild surprise AND an euphemism for God!  This is my little battlefield.  They probably get tired of me shooting the enemy in their presence, but I truly believe that when God gave the command: “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain,” He meant it!  (Ex. 20:7)

So, what is your battle?  Where has God placed you on the field?  Are you in the thick of it right now – alone?  If so, then you must be VERY special – God only pulls out the Navy Seals for the tough jobs.  Does it seem impossible?  It is apart from God.

You know, in a way, we are inside-out knights!  The Medieval Knight was covered from head to toe with metal – quite impressive; however, inside was just flesh and bones.  Yes, the knight was well-trained, but he was just a man covered with a tough exterior.

We are just flesh and bones on the outside, but inside we house the Spirit of God – with power to “subdue kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtain promises, stop the mouths of lions, quench the violence of fire, escape the edge of the sword, out of weakness [be] made strong, wax valiant in fight, turn to flight the armies of the aliens.” (Heb. 11:33,34)  That’s more than any suit of armor can do!  Are you unleashing God’s power against your enemy?  Is your weapon ready, hidden in your heart, “known and read of all men?” (2 Cor 3:2) Lone soldier, if you don’t do it, who will?

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