Success – finding the will of God and doing it.  That is definitely NOT Webster’s definition – it is the Christian’s definition though.  Webster defines success a bit differently:  the achieving of the results wanted or hoped for.  That kind of success comes in all shapes and sizes:  I am successful at losing four pounds. (No, really – I did!)  Someone is successful at reading through the Bible in a year.  (Kudos to you!)  Someone else achieves success, “results wanted or hoped for” by making a 3-point shot and winning the game, or completing a degree, or…you fill in the blank.

Picture the successful man: he’s in the job that he worked hard to get and makes a sizable income.  He has one or two children, (not too many because he wants to provide for them successfully) and a lovely wife who also is succeeding in her career.  Their home is in the best part of town and is quite impressive.  It houses all the niceties that most of us only dream about.  He drives the vehicle of his choice: a 2012 Ford F-150 Super Crew 4×4.  (Sorry, but I do live in the back woods of PA!)  They are able to take the nicest vacations, eat at the finest restaurants, shop at all the upscale stores – they are successful.  Or are they?

It depends on whose barometer for success you are reading.  If I went on to say that he just broke free from an affair, his wife is hooked on meds, and his children are spoiled maniacs that all the teachers dread, then we would wonder at their success.  However, if their story was that he is  looked up to because of his heart to God, and his wife leads other women in a Bible study, and the kids are shining examples of Christ-likeness in their school, then I think we would all agree that they are truly successful in every way.

May I give you another success story?  This woman was diagnosed with MS shortly after her marriage.  Because of this, her husband left her.  She had no children and has lived her life alone for over forty years.  She’s in a wheelchair, often hospitalized because of health issues.  I don’t believe she’s ever had a job, owned a home or a car.  She doesn’t come to church much because of her difficulties; but every time we visit her, WE come away blessed by her sweet spirit!  SHE is living successfully!  She has found God’s will and is living it, even though it is a difficult will to follow.

Can you live today successfully, in God’s eyes?  (Do realize that God’s success must begin at the cross!)  Give it a shot – you’ll sleep better when the day is over!

          Success is only found one place in the Bible:

“This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.” Jos 1:8

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