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Where’s Your Focus?

A wonderful thing about living on the top of a mountain is that it snows almost every day!  They’re not major snows, just enough to make things pretty; however, yesterday’s snow squalls turned out to be an all-day snow, and the predicted one inch eventually turned into four!

As I looked out the window this morning, I knew it was time for another walk, but this time – I took the camera. (I tried to take Pepper, but she was afraid she was being banished to the garage and wouldn’t follow no matter how much I coaxed. That in itself is another lesson called trust!)

So, walk with me back Anderson Lane and enjoy the beauty!

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The reason this blog is called Where’s Your Focus, is because of what the camera did NOT capture.  The property where most of these pictures were taken is a good example of what man can do to destroy the beauty of the land through neglect.  Years of junk has accumulated around the house and garage.  I hate to see it, so I keep my eyes focused on God’s beauty instead!

Isn’t that how we’re to walk the Christian walk – focusing on God?  I’m not saying that we should keep our heads in the sand concerning the world around us and other’s needs; however, we would do well to remember that this world is not our home and as much as man thinks he’s running the show – it just ain’t so!  Our gracious all-powerful God knows exactly what He is doing, and I know that I can trust Him!  So when the way seems dark or dreary or a mess because of human error, I just keep looking up!  Keep focused on past victories because of God’s amazing grace, and keep your anchor secure on His promises for tomorrow!

“Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength:” Isaiah 26:4