Chink in My Armor

chink-in-the-armorIt’s a dreadful thing when Satan finds the chink in our armor. A chink is a place where the armor comes together.  It’s a weak spot for no other reason than necessity. It’s not that the armor is poorly made. Chinks need to be there. We also use that word when referring to a log cabin.  The chinking is the mixture that goes between the logs. If there are any weak spots in the chinking of a log home, the chilling winter wind will whistle its way into the cabin or a varmint may creep in as well.

What is your weak spot? Your “chink?” Where is that place where Satan hurls his fiery darts, trying to destroy you? For me, it’s my children. Our two sons, their wives, and five of our seven grandchildren live over 12 hours away.  I never understood the joy of grandparenting until I became a grandmother.  I love those little ones and just want to spend time with them… but I can’t.  They are too far away.

And what does Satan do? He needles me, tempting me with all sorts of wrong thoughts and foolish reasoning. How slippery the trial he puts before us, decorated to make it look inviting! It reminds me of the Beast in “Beauty and the Beast” sitting before the fire licking his wounds. Belle wants to clean the deep scratches but instead, the Beast withdraws and cares for his hurts in his own way. That particular scene is pivotal in their relationship, and as the beast holds out his arm for Belle to clean, she thanks him for saving her life. The cleansing hurts but her tender touch and kind remarks start to heal the Beast internally as well as externally.

So, once again I return to my “normal”—facetime and phone calls. The “decorated path” that Satan puts before me borders on bitterness. I want to “lick my wounds” and have a pity party! But instead, I surrender my desires for the Lord’s will and trust Him to do what is best! That’s not easy but it provides peace in my soul and healing where the fiery darts have wounded. Going my own way—demanding my own way—will never bring lasting peace.  It may relieve the present pain, like the Beast licking his wounds, but I’m looking for eternal rest, not temporary relief!

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3: 5,6

Only Trust Him

Come, every soul by sin oppressed,
there’s mercy with the Lord,
and He will surely give you rest
by trusting in His word.

Only trust Him, only trust Him,
only trust Him now;
He will save you, He will save you.
He will save you now.

For Jesus shed His precious blood
rich blessings to bestow;
plunge now into the crimson flood
that washes white as snow.

 Yes, Jesus is the truth, the way,
that leads you into rest;
believe in Him without delay,
and you are fully blest.

Come, then, and join this holy band,
and on to glory go,
to dwell in that celestial land
where joys immortal flow.

Only trust Him, only trust Him,
only trust Him now;
He will save you, He will save you.
He will save you now.

~ John Stockton



In Us We Trust

I saw  this statement plastered to the side of a metal container while walking down the street: “In Us We Trust.”  I wasn’t sure what it was about, but after a little research, I discovered it’s a new song.  How sad.  “In Us We Trust.” Aren’t you glad that our coins are still imprinted with the saying, “In God We Trust?”  Even if it isn’t true, it’s such a great statement.  Every single coin that jingles in  a pocket or is pumped into a washing machine slot says, “In God We Trust.” No matter if it is held by a man, woman, boy or girl, rich man or poor man, black, white Hispanic, or Asian, atheist or true believer—every single coin silently gives us the most wonderful news of the day: We can trust in God!  Amen!

Imagine if there was nothing more than ourselves to trust!  Horrors!  I lie! I’m unfaithful, undependable.  I don’t know anything. I’m weak. I’m old!  I’m so human!

Oh, but God is so trustworthy!  This past Sunday night, my pastor (I love that guy!! 🙂 ) preached on the love of God, but before he started, he asked us to name what attributes of God were our favorites. Here are just a few of our wonderful God’s attributes:

He has all wisdom. He is infinite. He is sovereign. He is holy. He is omniscient. He is omnipotent. He is omnipresent. He is faithful. He is love. He is self-existent. He is self-sufficient. He is just. He is immutable. He is merciful. He is eternal. He is ALWAYS good.  He is completely pure and perfect. He is gracious.

These are just a few.  How could any language or any words of man ever completely describe our great God?  And wouldn’t it be a great lesson to write the reasons why I can trust Him based on these meager descriptions? For example …

I trust His wisdom to do what’s best for me. I trust my soul to His infinite eternity. I trust every day to His sovereign plan for my life.  I trust His holiness to be what is best for me to emulate.  I trust His omniscient because I know so little.  I trust His omnipotence to battle my fiercest enemy.  I trust His omnipresence when I feel alone.  I trust His faithfulness when other’s let me down. I trust His love when other’s love is conditional.  I trust His self-existence when I feel so insignificant.  I trust His self-sufficiency when I feel so inadequate.  I trust His justice in this unjust world.  I trust His immutability when life is on the fast track of change.  I trust His mercy when things seem so wrong.  I trust His eternality even when I can’t comprehend it.  I trust His goodness every moment of the day!  I trust His purity and perfection when I am tired of this world’s wickedness and my own sin.  I trust His grace when life gets too hard.

Oh, I’ll sleep well tonight knowing that I have such a God to trust!

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.  Proverbs 3:5,6