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Desperate Parenting

This spring, Mr. Robin and Mr. Bluebird joined forces to keep Mr. Squirrel out of the tree in my back yard!  It happens to be the tree that contains my bird feeder; however, there must have been a nest up there somewhere as well.  I’ve never seen anything like it  This went on for several days.  That poor squirrel, who was used to feasting on my feeder whenever I wasn’t looking, could not even cross the yard! (Just click on the link and hopefully, you can see the video!)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzgk4pTrgH4&feature=vmdshb

The best advice we ever got as parents was this: you must be desperate for your children.  What does that mean?  Well, these birds went to desperate measures to keep an enemy from killing their young, perhaps robbing the nest of its eggs.  There actions were rewarded, in fact, I haven’t seen that squirrel since!

How desperate are you Christian parent to see your children live for Christ?  Are you willing to take desperate measures to see it happen?  Are you attacking the enemy with such desperation that he flees?

What would this look like?  Here are just a few lessons that I have learned:

  1. Change a bad habit in my life.  Early on someone told me that I didn’t have to yell at my children in order to make them behave.  I was a yeller!  You know what – it’s true, and it works.  What bad habit do you see forming in your children because of your example?  (Ouch, sorry!)
  2. I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes…” (Ps 101:3)  This little motto has sat on our TV for as long as I can remember.  What you view with or without your children WILL affect them for godliness or worldliness.
  3. Covetousness – Cut it out of your life.  One of my favorite scenes from Patch the Pirate is in Friendship Mutiny, when Patch is sword fighting the enemy.  Several items are destroyed and Patch laughingly mocks for Captain Fiendly to be careful with his thrift store items!  Our children will never be satisfied if they grow up in a home with parents whose goal is gain!
  4. BE DESPERATE ENOUGH TO SAY “NO!”  Why do we let our children run their lives and ours?  Don’t we know better?  Even if you are not a perfect parent, you are STILL the parent!  You  DO know what is best – don’t let them whittle you down!
  5. Be desperate enough to know your God!  I once asked our daughter why she turned out so well.  PK’s are Satan’s target; and sadly, they often follow his ways instead of the ways of their parents.  Her words were humbling.  She said, “Mom, it was real to you and Dad, and we knew it!”  Be real – you can’t fake a relationship with God.  It’s there if you make it happen.  Remember: “Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.”  James 4:8  Why God chooses to draw nigh to us is beyond my understanding, but this is one of the most precious promises in the Bible!

These are just a few suggestions.  Take a look at your parenting – be honest, and get desperate.  You will rejoice for all of eternity, AND throughout this life as well!

Leave it Alone!

My grandson is ten months old.  He can crawl to any destination he desires.  One of his favorite spots is the dog’s dish.  His parents wisely moved some things out of his reach – choose your battles – but the dog dish remains in place to teach him one simple word: no.

When he touches the dog’s dish, Daddy or Mommy says no.  He understands their meaning, but sometimes CHOOSES to touch the dog’s dish anyway.  That’s when his cute little patty gets a little smack.  It does hurt him; there are no bruises – the only thing that is bruised is his sin nature.

So what happens as he nears the dog’s dish the next time?  He stops.  His little hand reaches out and then he pulls it back.  He reaches again, wavering – you can almost see the thought processes!  “I want to touch that dish, but I know Mommy and Daddy don’t like it, and the action will cause me pain.”  Does he understand why they don’t like it?  No.  Does he understand germs?  No.  He only understands that his little patty hurts and his parents do not want him to touch it!

Why are the things that God has placed in the “do not” category entice us so?  Why are we drawn to those things that God has labeled “sin”?  Why do we wrestle so much with deciding what is sin and what is not?  Let’s blame Eve! 🙂 Do you see her hand hovering over the forbidden fruit as she makes her choice?  God and Adam have said ‘no’.  Satan, disguised as her favorite pet, says ‘yes’.  We read about her choice and suffer the consequences.

Dear Christian, are you wrestling with sin?  Has Satan tempted you into doubting God?  I just read an article written by a gay man who attended BJU.  It broke my heart.  He experienced all the dark sides of that institution and others; and many gray areas were tainted because of his mindset.  If only we could see where our sin will take us – it is NEVER closer to God!  Sin will always cost more than you want to pay and take you further than you want to go.  (Thank you Rand Hummel!)  Keep your hands out of the dog’s dish!

O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death?  I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.” Romans 7: 24,25