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Thank You, Lord

ID-100193008I came across this “poem”–it’s more of a prayer–the other day and thought I’d share it for Mother’s Day.  Our oldest turned thirty this year!  How did that happen?  As I read the poem, it seemed like yesterday that I was the one in the hospital giving birth.  Tommy arrived at 2:47 am after twenty-two hours of labor and a C-section.  I remember years later, talking to a woman who had had a similar situation, and she said she would never have any more children.  I’m so thankful the Lord gave me the grace to have two more C-sections.  And, as much as I would have loved to live in the colonial days, I probably would have died during childbirth!

Now, after seeing our three children happily married  and enjoying the role of grand-parenting five times over, I dedicate this poem to my daughter, who is ready to deliver our fourth grandson any day, and to our daughter-in-law, who recently gave us our first granddaughter.  What a joy to know that the souls of our grandchildren are in the hands of godly parents, who are determined to do their best to pass the baton of godliness.

 Thank you , Lord

Dear Lord, Heavenly Father

Thank you for Thomas James…

He’s beautiful, healthy and sweet, but Lord thank you too…

  • For the long labor – it taught me long-suffering
  • For the high fever – it taught me to trust You
  • For the sleepless times – it taught me Your ever presence.
  • For Tommy’s struggle to nurse – it taught me patience.
  • For the sins of the world all around me – it taught me to work on my testimony and gave me a passion for souls.
  • For the weakness, and soreness, and pain – it taught me to lean on Your arms.
  • For nine months of pregnancy – it taught me that this body is Yours, not mine.

Thank you, Lord; please keep me yielded to learn more.

January 18, 1985

 Happy Mother’s Day

May you allow the Lord to turn each trial into a classroom, and every difficult circumstance into an opportunity to learn more about your God.


Be An Example

“It takes twenty years to make a sermon, because it takes twenty years to make the man. The true sermon is a thing of life. The sermon grows because the man grows. The sermon is forceful because the man is forceful. The sermon is holy because the man is holy. The sermon is full of the divine unction because the man is full of the divine unction.”

E.M. Bounds (1835-1913) wrote a wonderful book called “The Power of Prayer.”  It never ceases to amaze me that the timely truths found in literary treasures of the past are still as applicable to our lives as if they were written today!  We expect that from the Bible – it is the living Word of God, but a book?

This man was writing to preachers; the book is geared to preachers as you can see by the opening quote; however, could we not change the words to make them fit our lives?

“It takes twenty years to make an example, because it takes twenty years to make the mother. The true example is a thing of life. The example grows because the mother grows. The example is forceful because the mother is forceful. The example is holy because the mother is holy. The example is full of the divine unction because the mother is full of the divine unction.”

The example is growing, forceful, holy, and full of divine unction (the shedding of a divine or spiritual influence upon a person.), because the mother is growing, forceful, holy, and full of divine unction.

This happens because the mother has a vision – she is desperate for growing, forceful, holy, and full of divine unction children; so she changes her life to be a model of her Master’s life.  She chooses her activities, plans her day, spends time with God because she has the vision of godly children before her.

I’m not sure how this happens.  I didn’t get married thinking about what kind of mother I would be.  I do know that early on, my heart was desperate to give my children an example to follow.  My life changed as I sat under the preaching of good men and spent time with my Lord – that really is a given if we have a heart that is tender to God.  I do remember looking up to godly women and longing to be one.  It’s a process ladies!  Keep on keeping on!  Little by little, choice by choice, victory by victory!