Psalm 119

Psalm 119a daily reading with little nuggets of truth in a verse-by-verse format taken from Charles H. Spurgeon’s notes on the psalm. Here’s Spurgeon’s introduction:

“The longest Psalm, which Luther professed to prize so highly that he would not take the whole world in exchange for one leaf of it.  Bishop Cowper called it ‘a Holy Alphabet.’ Philip Henry recommended his children to take a verse of it every morning ‘and meditate upon it, and so go over the Psalm twice in a year, and that will bring you to be in love with all the rest of Scripture.’  May such an excellent result follow from our reading of it.

Men defile themselves with sin: the only clean walking is in the path of obedience.  Such holy walkers enjoy a blessedness which neither wealth nor rank could bestow upon them.  This Psalm, like the Sermon on the Mount, begins with benedictions.  Our holy religion teems with blessings.”