The Pot’s Prayer

Thank you, dear Potter, for choosing this lump of clay. Thank you for molding me into Your creation. Your design will be perfect, completely according to Your plan. Thank you for Your tender touch. I know the push and pressure of your gentle hands will make me better—more of what You envisioned for me. I’m … More The Pot’s Prayer

A Runaway Slave

The next few posts (8) will be a combination of two sources: the Feature Bible Study Guide put out by the Fundamental Evangelistic Association and Bond Brothers, a historical Christian fiction novel I wrote three years ago. Philemon is such a fascinating book. It gives us an insight into so many facets of first-century Christianity at … More A Runaway Slave


This is the end of our 40-day journey through Jesus’ last days here on earth. I know, for me, this has made this very special season that much more special. Focusing specifically on Jesus’ last days and having the opportunity to share it with others has been a great blessing. May your Resurrection Sunday be … More FINAL WEEK


Well, sorry I’m so late posting this, It has been a great challenge to keep up with this 40-day challenge! I hope you are doing better than I am!! April 4—Matt. 26:17-20 Preparation for the Passover  We have here an account of Christ’s keeping the Passover. Being made under the law, he submitted to all … More PASSOVER/LAST SUPPER

WEEK FOUR: Miracles of Jesus’ Last Month

Here is the entire week of devotions: March 28—John 11:1-46 Raising Lazarus Spiritual vs. Physical Perspective This miracle shouts the two perspectives all over the place.  Here are just a few: Situation:   Physical/Spiritual Lazarus’s sickness: Sisters and disciples want him healed/Jesus allows him to die to bring glory to His Father Walking in the light: the … More WEEK FOUR: Miracles of Jesus’ Last Month