I Know Not the Man

Run!  Run!  The words shouted at him from within as the angry faces drew nearer.  Run—his fear told him.  Run—his anger screamed.  Run—his bitter disappointments cried; and he ran, never looking back. As the voices from without grew dim, the voices within raged on!  He ran blindly as tears clouded his vision, stumbling down the … More I Know Not the Man

I Love Evolution

Webster defines evolution as: biology : a theory that the differences between modern plants and animals are because of changes that happened by a natural process over a very long time : the process by which changes in plants and animals happen over time : a process of slow change and development This is a … More I Love Evolution

Bow the Knee

Bowing the knee before Jesus may conjure up in your mind one of several images of someone in the Bible; and if you Google the phrase, you’d be surprised at what comes up! Perhaps blind Bartimaeus, or the woman with an issue of blood, or the disciples came to your mind–certainly, they are just a few … More Bow the Knee

WAIT! What happened to “Common Sense for Uncommon People?”

So glad you asked!  I’ve been debating for some time about changing the name of my blog. What really triggered the change was my daily devotions with Oswald Chamber’s Devotional Bible.  Several entries have been against common sense, and it cinched the deal for me! While common sense is SO missing in our society, as … More WAIT! What happened to “Common Sense for Uncommon People?”