Dying but Living

(Taken from God is Enough, Hannah Whithall Smith, p. 271) Christ died to give me actual holiness as well as judicial; He died to make me really dead to sin and really alive to God in Him.  He died in order that He might become my life — the only life I have — and , … More Dying but Living

White Christmas – Mistaken Identity

Another of my Christmas movie favorites is White Christmas.  What a wonderful plot! Bing Crosby, the ever big-hearted do-gooder, has a great plan to help his former army commander, General Waverly.  However, when the housekeeper eavesdrops on his conversation, she only catches a part of his plan and thinks the worst.  When she tells Betty, … More White Christmas – Mistaken Identity

The Ugly Side of George Bailey, Part Two: Reality

In 1946, It’s a Wonderful Life was created.  Perhaps it was the era of new camera lens, but this picture doesn’t really capture how the camera filmed George in this scene.  The photo certainly matched the music to create an “other-world” effect!  At this point, reality set in: What if he really had never been … More The Ugly Side of George Bailey, Part Two: Reality