A Sweet Savour

A family in our church makes goat’s soap (Naturally Soothing), and we put small bars into our welcome packages.  The bars are stored in the church office. Recently, I went into the office for something and caught a whiff of the beautiful smell of goat’s soap; it almost made me cry because that dear family … More A Sweet Savour

The new Tilly!

I couldn’t bear the thought of another year of ‘babying’ Tilly – trying to coax her to perform; so, we took her to the shop.  I was ready to buy a new tiller until I priced them!  Then I looked on Craig’s list and laughed when I saw a tiller in worse shape than Tilly … More The new Tilly!

Twelve Smooth Stones – a Christian Historical Fiction

Although Esther Ruth Raul, the main character is a fictional character, several other names are not: in particular, Oskar Schindler and Kurt Gerstein. The combined actions of these two men are instrumental in saving Esther’s life: Kurt Gerstein, an SS Officer for the Third Reich, is disillusioned with Hitler’s “Final Solution” as he calls it, … More Twelve Smooth Stones – a Christian Historical Fiction

Thanks, Walmart!

At this week’s teen meeting, we started with a challenge about devotions by asking the teens how many days this week they had read their Bibles.  Sad to say, only one had read his Bible once; the rest hadn’t read at all.  You know the saying: Seven days without the Bible, makes one weak! Two … More Thanks, Walmart!