Absolute Surrender

So, I’m heading east on Route 973, a beautiful drive through the countryside, noticing how all the fields are steaming.  After two days of snow (eight inches in some areas), we’ve enjoyed some beautiful sights, albeit strange: like snow on the ground in the mountains, and subtle bright green  leaves on the trees – a beautiful … More Absolute Surrender

Walk for Jordan

When our oldest son was two, the mother of one of our acquaintances gave her two-year-old son a quarter of an aspirin while waiting in an airport for a joining flight.  It lodged in his throat and the loss of oxygen for those few moments caused sever brain damage.  I empathized greatly with her – the Lord taught me many lessons … More Walk for Jordan

Beauty and the Beast – no matter how much you dress him up, he’s still a beast!

We all have a beast living within – the flesh.  It is the old man that we will not be separated from until our flesh is truly dead.  That beast wants to control our lives – every part of it.  It has a voracious appetite and wants to be fed CONSTANTLY! As a Christian, we … More Beauty and the Beast – no matter how much you dress him up, he’s still a beast!

Leave it Alone!

My grandson is ten months old.  He can crawl to any destination he desires.  One of his favorite spots is the dog’s dish.  His parents wisely moved some things out of his reach – choose your battles – but the dog dish remains in place to teach him one simple word: no. When he touches … More Leave it Alone!

This is a Toad

If I said, “This is a toad,” you would question my judgment, perhaps even my sanity! You may even argue, “That’s not a toad, it’s a cat.”  If I asked you how you knew it was a cat, you might stare at me in wonder; but to humor me, you might say, “It’s furry – … More This is a Toad

The Great Divide

Jesus crucified is the true touchstone revealing what the world is: “The people stood beholding” in stolid indifference; the rulers, who wanted religion, but without a divine Christ crucified for their sins, “reviled”: the brutal amongst them mocked or railed; the conscious sinner prayed; the covetous sat down before the cross and played their sordid … More The Great Divide