Way to go, Tilly!

(Wednesday morning – continued)  Even though the sun is now shining brightly, this morning as I was driving Tilly (and she was driving me crazy), the black clouds were rolling in.  Soon the drops came, just enough to make me want to quit.  Frustrated to the max, I thought of all those people who owned … More Way to go, Tilly!

Ode to Tilly

Dear Tilly is my rototiller.  She’s not actually mine – I’m just ‘borrowing’ her from my mom!  I remember Dad faithfully using Tilly every year for Mom.  (He didn’t know her name though! 🙂 )  I guess it’s the farm girl in me, but I love to put on my dungarees (I just love that … More Ode to Tilly

Joy in Serving Jesus

”Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee:  he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.” Ps 55:22 Are you suffering from the Elijah syndrome?  You know: you’ve seen great victory in battle; joy fills your heart; and then, down to pity party pit you go!  Your life mirrors the latest … More Joy in Serving Jesus

Life and Death

This morning I received the very sad news of a college friend’s death.  She had been battling cancer, and left behind her husband and two teen sons.  How tragic!  She had accomplished so much in her lifetime; I always felt intimidated by her success.  Now, she’s gone – I can’t seem to comprehend it. How … More Life and Death

F O C U S !

Where is your focus?  We’d all like to say that we are focused on Jesus Christ, but if  we are honest and check our focus barometer, we will see that there are MANY other items that take our focus away from the Master.   Does the object of our focus matter? Many of you may … More F O C U S !

Eight Dollar Tea-pot

Last fall my husband and I had a wonderful get-away-time at Cape May, NJ.  It was in October, so the beach was very quiet.  Our hotel sat right on the beach which gave us a side view of the ocean.  (Front view rooms were way too expensive. I really think the hotel should have been … More Eight Dollar Tea-pot

Lone Soldier

There he stands, facing the enemy.  His uniform is in tatters, his weapon is hot from use.  They’ve all left him – alone to face the enemy.  Maybe the battle was too fierce for them, or maybe they just got tired – whatever the cost, they are gone, and he stands alone. This blog is … More Lone Soldier